Aright Ride Transportation - The 'ART' of safe and reliable non-emergency transport service
Our Services

The services Aright Ride Transportation provide are efficient, dependable and affordable. We consistently strive to accommodate every customer with the best possible service. Our main focus is for our clients to reach their appointments on time and safe. 

ART also provides transportation to various locations, such as:
  • grocery store
  • place of employment
  • prescription pick-up
  • hospital discharge
  • rehabilitation
  • family events
  • one-way trips
  • sporting events
  • local airports (minimum 2 passengers)
                          ...and many more

Our rates are reasonable and affordable. The prices are based on one-way trips and mileage only.

Flat Rates
0-10 miles
10-20 miles
20-30 miles
30-40 miles

Hourly Rental Rates

30 minutes
1 hour
1.5 hours
2 hours

*Group rates available

Other Costs

  • Each additional person-$5
  • Wait period-$1 every minute
  • Wheelchair Lift-$15
  • Outside of Auburn City Limits pick-up fee-$25 

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