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Airport Transfers/Shuttles

Holiday Airport Shuttle from Tuskegee University

All times are CST. Please reserve by 3/20. 

Cost: $80 one-way, $150 roundtrip

Departures from Kellogg Center to Atlanta Airport

A. Wednesday, 3/27 at 2pm 

B. Thursday, 3/28 at 6am 

C. Thursday, 3/28 at 1pm

Pick-ups from Atlanta Airport to Kellogg Center

A. Saturday, 4/6 at 8pm

B. Sunday, 4/7 at 3pm

C. Sunday, 4/7 at 10pm

Personal Car Service

Atlanta Airport: $150

Montgomery Airport: $100

Daily Local Shuttle Service

Shuttle services operate everyday from Tuskegee University, Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center to Groome Transportation, 1530 E. Glenn Ave, Auburn.

Pick-up: 7:30am

TU to Groome Transportation

Pick-up: 6:00pm

Groome Transportation to TU

Cost: $30 one way

Contact us to reserve your seat!

Auburn Walmart Shuttle

Available on Saturday and Sunday

Shuttle will pick-up from TU at 11am and 1pm. Return trips from Walmart are 12:30pm and 3pm.

Cost: $15 one way

Contact us to reserve your seat!

Employment/Van Pool

FREE Transportation thru DHR:

Recipients of TANF: Apply at

Recipients of food assistance benefits only: Apply for the A-Reset program: Contact Mr. Anton Yancy (334) 737-7778

NEMT(non-emergency medical transportation)

Prices are based on one way trips:

0-10 miles $20

10-20 miles $40

20-30 miles $60

30-40 miles $80

Wheelchair usage: $20

Pick-up fee outside of Lee county: $25

Lee County to:


Montgomery: ~$75

Atlanta: ~$125

Birmingham: ~$150

$20 per hour wait time



For any other transportation needs, please contact us at:

(334) 209-4848 or